This Is How Smart Lighting Brand Nanoleaf Is Celebrating Their 10 Year “Nanoversary”

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July 14, 2022 | 5 Min Read | By: Serena P. & Alyssa C.
10 year Nanoversary

When three school friends met over coffee to talk about their shared passion for green technology in 2012, they couldn’t have even dreamed that 10 years later that passion would turn into an international company, and a globally recognized brand. 

But that’s exactly what happened, and how smart lighting company Nanoleaf came to be! In fact, Nanoleaf has led the way in creating some pretty spectacular smart home innovations over the past 10 years. Beginning with the world’s most energy-efficient lightbulb – Nanoleaf One, to creating a new category of lighting with modular smart light panels, then releasing the first Thread-enabled bulb and light strips, and now investing in the upcoming Matter launch to be one of the first to work with the new standard.

From Kickstarter to today, you can see our revolutionary lighting products featured in thousands of installations around the world, appearing in TV shows and lighting up music, gaming, and art events. Combine that with decking out the backgrounds of countless high-profile streamers and celebrated YouTubers like PewDiePie and Mr.Beast, and you can’t deny that we must have done something right.

There’s a famous quote from Bill Gates that says “People often overestimate what will happen in the next 2 years, and underestimate what will happen in 10.” And after a decade of endless work, imagination, and innovation, it’s truly amazing what Nanoleaf has managed to accomplish. Time travel with us from 2012 to now here.

The Most Supportive Community

From the start, Nanoleaf was incredibly fortunate to find people who believed in our vision and our goals. With over 7 thousand backers on the original Kickstarters project, pledging over $466K in total, those individuals gave life not only to a small business but to the dream that it could one day become something even greater.

With the amazing support of our Kickstarter Backers, our founders were able to climb to new heights and continue to rethink what’s possible—an ideology that they believed in so deeply that it stuck as the company’s motto and philosophy.

As of 2022, what was once a small group of online backers became a worldwide community of fans who, just like the founders, were themselves innovators and dreamers. Across social media alone the Nanoleaf community consists of 2.5M+ people from all around the world.

On Facebook, a self-made group aptly named The Nanoleaf Community is a collective of over 8 thousand Nanoleaf fans who show off their next-level setups and swap tips and tricks on creative ways for using the lights on a daily basis. The setups featured in this group are truly jaw-dropping and take the potential of the products beyond what we would have ever thought possible.

And even on newer platforms like TikTok where content creators are known to gravitate towards truly authentic brands, we’ve seen an outpour of support. There have been 193M+ Nanoleaf-related posts, reflecting a new community of users sharing their love for the products as well.

The community on our Nanoleaf App is no exception with over 1M+ users, nearly 17.5K Nanoleaf Scenes created, and 34M+ Scene downloads. Our creative community is absolutely amazing and it’s because of you guys that Nanoleaf is now available in 100+ countries and 200+ retailers globally!

Whether it be word of mouth between friends, online reviews raving about an exciting new find, or creators organically featuring the lights in their content, our Nanoleaf community continues to grow and reach new people every day. Without all of you making up this thriving community, none of our growth or success would have ever been possible. 

Celebrate Our 10 Year Nanoversary With Us

Limited Edition Shapes Ultra Black Triangles – Black Panels At Last!

The 10th Nanoversary is all about showing appreciation for those that have supported us over the past decade. Nanoleaf wouldn’t be here without our customers, team members, brand and retail partners, distributors, investors, friends and supporters. As a token of our gratitude for all that our community has done for us, we wanted to surprise our community by creating something you’ve all been asking for! Meet our limited edition Shapes Ultra Black Triangles, same great technology, now in ultra black so you can finally have that sleek black design!

When turned off, this sleek black geometric art piece is sure to stand out. Turn them on to see your favorite Scenes in a new light as the high-contrast black design enhances each color and motion—try community favorites like “Fireworks” or “Streaking Notes.”

You’ll also love that these come with all-black accessories—including the Mounting Plates, Power Supply, and Controller. Their ultramodern aesthetic is sure to elevate entertainment and gaming spaces.

These limited edition RGBW Shapes Ultra Black Triangles are of course also packed with all of the features Nanoleaf’s community know and love, like Screen Mirror, Rhythm Music Visualizer, Touch Controls, and Schedules. Plus, you can design the most creative setups by connecting the new limited edition panels with the rest of the Shapes line (Triangles, Hexagons, Mini Triangles) and Elements panels—thanks to our Connect+ technology.

Exclusive Nanoversary Merch

10 year Nanoversary merch

Swag & Mystery Boxes

The fun doesn’t stop with Black Panels! In celebration of the Nanoversary, we’ve created special merch to help you show off your Nanoleaf pride in style. Discover Swag Boxes filled with goodies for the true Nanoleaf Fans—containing a Nanoleaf branded hat, shaker, socks, pillow, tote bag, and special postcard. These can be purchased in the Nanoleaf Shop along with Mystery Boxes for those wanting to live on the wild side. In the Mystery boxes, you’ll find 3-4 official limited edition Nanoleaf branded products, valued equal to or greater than the price of the box. If you love surprises, then this is the box for you.

Surprise Gifts 

To celebrate this special occasion and our incredible community, we have randomly selected 100 lucky customers across the globe to receive an ultra special surprise gift box! These gift boxes have been created exclusively for the 10 Year Nanoversary celebrations, because we love showing love to our customers.

Charity Stream

To really kick our Nanoversary festivities up a notch, we are partnering with the charity AbleGamers (a non-profit organization creating opportunities that enable play to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities) to help raise funds to help even more little gamers in need.

Initially partnering with AbleGamers back in 2016 to light up their facilities, our latest partnership aims to support the charity in an even bigger way. Nanoleaf will host a live charity stream on Twitch to raise funds for the non-profit in August, along with a number of popular streamers and professional gamers.

From limited edition panels and swag to our charity stream, this 10 year anniversary is all about appreciating you, our Nanoleaf community. Check out our website to find out all the things you can do to join us in celebrating our 10 Year Nanoversary!

We’re so proud of the Nanoleaf journey so far and grateful to all of those who have joined us along the way. It’s so humbling to look back and see how far we’ve come. Growing from 3 young friends trying to make a difference in the world to the 150+ people global company today, with industry changing smart lighting products in all major retailers around the world and millions of people loving our products and sharing content on a daily basis, we are quite a lucky bunch. We thank you for this amazing 10 year journey, and we look forward to continuing our journey to improve the world in the decades ahead.

What’s your favorite Nanoleaf memory? We’d love to hear it! Also, join the Nanoleaf Facebook Community where fans of everything Nanoleaf come together and share creative ideas. And find us on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter (@Nanoleaf), or Facebook (@theNanoleaf).

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