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August 16, 2022 | 2 Min Read | Serena P.

This year at Nanoleaf we’re celebrating our 10 Year Nanoversary! At the heart of it all, past the hugs and high-fives, is the thing that made it all possible: the Nanoleaf community. Our community is made up of people from all around the world, brought together by their love of the coolest smart tech products out there (aka their Nanoleaf lights).

From Small Beginnings

Having started out 10 years ago in Toronto, Canada, we always experience a wave of excitement whenever we come across pictures, videos, and reviews from people from all across the globe absolutely loving their lights. From the most populated to the most remote locations, from high in the mountains to even onboard ships at sea, our lights have traveled the globe faster than… the speed of light (metaphorically)! And so, we wanted to take an opportunity during our Nanoversary celebrations to shine the spotlight on our incredible and inspiring worldwide community.

Nanoleaf Around the Globe

Nanoleaf Global Guestbook

To do this, we have created a collaborative public digital space to serve as our Nanoleaf Global Guestbook, where our international community members can come together to share messages about their fondest Nanoleaf memories, favorite products and features, and general Nanoversary hype. They can even add GIFs or post pictures of their own setups to inspire others across the world.

Nanoleaf Global Guestbook

The page consists of a giant map, and to post you simply find your country of residence, zoom in, and double-click to add a sticky-note message. We’ve loved reading the messages from Nanoleaf lovers so far, and can’t wait for the map to fill up to create an interactive visual of our wide global community. Make sure to leave your message now, and we’ll be sharing some of the messages across our Instagram and Twitter pages, so look out for yours as we repost.

A Million Thanks

Because of our community, we’ve had 10 of the best years anyone could ever dream of— exploring, inventing, and creating amazing products by rethinking what’s possible. We thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts, and promise to make these next 10 years even better by continuing to revolutionize the way we light up the world!

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