10 Ultra Creative Nanoleaf Smart Lighting Setups From Fans All Around The World

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August 18, 2022 | 4 Min Read | By: Alyssa C.

The Nanoleaf community is filled with creative people from all walks of life and from every corner of this world—something we’re quite proud of. We searched near and far for some of the most creative setups we could find from our customers and this blog is about putting a spotlight on these individuals. 

Let’s keep this layover short and sweet, and travel right to the first person on this impressive list of global setups.

Cody W. From The United States Of America

Creative Nanoleaf Lines setup on a wall

The first few stops on this journey are in North America. Cody from the USA is using Nanoleaf Lines to create an accent wall in their space. We love their use of negative space to really make the layout pop! Cody’s favorite part of Lines is the “flexibility of design” and we can clearly see how they made full use of that.

If you’re planning on making a larger Lines layout like Cody, I recommend checking out our Power Supply Calculator to help prep the parts you need for a smooth setup.

Darius C. From The United States Of America

OG Light panels in car
Super creative OG Light panels setup in a car

Like Cody, Darius is also in the US! They very impressively applied Nanoleaf OG Light Panels to their vehicle as a rear tail light bar…truly a custom car. Darius loves the “sleek look and bright illumination” on this build and I have to agree.

To create a similar effect, you could also use Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles, the successor of our OG Light Panels. Our OG Light Panels are our oldest product of this kind and have been spiring creativity since the start. So as you go through this list you’ll notice a lot of setups using them, like this next one.

Adrian G. From The United States Of America

Creative OG Light Panels chandelier
OG Light chandelier

One more stop in America, Adrian has one of the most creative takes on a chandelier I’ve seen.

Using Nanoleaf’s OG Light Panels (you can also create the same design with Shapes), you’ll see this 3D layout come to life as it dangles down from the ceiling like a traditional chandelier. Adrian says this piece makes for a great conversation starter, plus it’s pretty cool to look at.

Michael C. From Germany

Creative setup with Nanoleaf Lines and Shapes
Liens and Shapes

Off to Europe now for the next few destinations. One of my personal favorites is when I see customers like Micheal from Germany who found a way to mix our different smart lighting products.

In this layout, you’ll see Nanoleaf Shapes filling the negative space between Lines. One interesting fact about Lines is they are slightly raised off the wall, so they work great with a thinner product like Shapes. It’s important to note that Shapes and Lines do not actually connect. You can, however, connect any of the Shapes products (Triangles, Mini Triangles, Hexagons) with Nanoleaf Elements wood look hexagon light panels.

Gerhard R. From Germany

Creative Canvas Cube
Super creative Nanoleaf Canvas table

Gerhard from Germany has been on my radar for quite some time, they’ve been able to create many custom builds with their Nanoleaf panels. I love what they do with Nanoleaf Canvas square panels. In the past, I’ve seen them light up a vanity they made which was mentioned in this blog. With their latest project, they’ve created something completely different!

Gerhard was able to create some 3D shapes using Flex Linkers, but perhaps what’s even cooler is the custom dining table covered with Canvas squares. Don’t worry about spilled drinks, if you get close enough you’ll notice a glass table top above the panels.

Ole M. R. From Norway

Creative Canvas backsplash in a kitchen
Canvas backsplash

Ole from Norway created a one-of-a-kind kitchen backsplash using Nanoleaf Canvas panels. It’s definitely a unique take on the typically tiled design that most spaces have.

To connect this backsplash to the rest of the home, Ole uses the Nanoleaf Open API to create even more customizations. Ole says that guests love it, particularly when they turn their house into party mode which fills the space with bright flashes of colorful lights synced up with our Rhythm music visualizer. 

Tabraiz B. From Pakistan

Creative light panels Art with Nanoleaf
Art with light

Now, let’s pop into Pakistan to check out Tabriaz’s crazy setup. Tabraiz is truly creating art with light!

Their setup has almost 400 of Nanoleaf’s OG Light Panels that completely transform the space. Aside from the sheer size, this setup is cool because Tabraiz changes the layout design weekly. And they can really get custom with the Nanoleaf Mobile and Desktop apps, allowing more control of each individual panel.

Other Ultra Creative Customers With Businesses

Sometimes these creative individuals take their awesome setups to more public spaces and use Nanoleaf’s lights to elevate their businesses and projects. Here are a few of our favorites below.

Jatin B. From India

Nanoleaf in India
Nanoleaf in India
Creative Nanoleaf setup in India

Jatin works on projects all across India. In the images above you’ll notice the bright Goa International Airport, a lit-up bar top, and an illuminated hallway in a Shopping Mall in Mumbai.

Elodie J. From France

Nanoleaf light panels in France

Elodie has a barber shop in France and their customers love the use of Nanoleaf’s OG Light Panels. It’s a not-so-typical way to light up a station in a barber shop.

Scot R. From The United States Of America

Creative use of Nanoleaf light panels on an ice cream truck

Last but certainly not least is this setup from Scot in the USA, who owns a flash-frozen ice cream truck. Earlier we saw some Nanoleaf lights as a rear tail light but Scot has a completely different use for them. It’s a fun way to draw people into their dessert shop for a nighttime treat.

Want to see more businesses with Nanoleaf lighting, check out this blog.

That about sums it up, I’m sure there are many more of you out there with impressive and ultra creative Nanoleaf setups and we would love to see them!

Also, find us on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter (@Nanoleaf), or Facebook (@theNanoleaf) join the Nanoleaf Facebook Community to see more creative setups.

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