The Go-To Guide For Trendy & Functional Back-To-School Gear—Perfect For Desk Setups Or Dorm Rooms

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August 24, 2022 | 3 Min Read | By: Alyssa C.

One thing’s for sure this back-to-school season, the students of today really love their technology! This extends into many aspects of life, including their desk and dorm room decor. And who can blame them when gear like smart lighting (*cough* *cough* Nanoleaf) allows for endless amounts of creativity and customization.

Back-to-school gift-givers and their beloved students will love the wide range of desk and dorm room gear in this guide. Let’s jump right into it!

Nanoleaf Shapes: Mixable Triangle, Mini Triangle, & Hexagon Light Panels

Nanoleaf Shapes in dorm room for back-to-school

Nanoleaf’s most popular product, Shapes, offers both functional and ambient lighting. Create a vibrant statement piece by combining any or all of the Shapes options in one layout (Triangles, Mini Triangles, and Hexagons)—if you need some help check out these epic designs. The ultra-thin profile also means they won’t take up extra space in small dorm rooms. And they’re perfect for parties; students love the Rhythm Music Visualizer which syncs the panels with their favorite songs so the lights dance along in real-time.

Nanoleaf Lines: Modern Back-Lit Light Bars

Nanoleaf lines for back-to-school

This next one is another Nanoleaf fan favorite and it happens to be the newest product line. Students can use Lines to personalize their space with a modern backlit glow—a great party piece with the Rhythm feature and 16M+ color options. Controlling Lines from the Nanoleaf App is also a great way to impress friends when they come over. These light bars can display up to two colors at once on one bar so you can have a lot of fun with them.

UE Boom 3: Wireless & Resilient Speaker

UE boom and Nanoleaf

With all of this Music Visualizer talk, it would be a disservice to not include a speaker on this list! Introducing you to UE’s Boom 3, a 360° sound, wireless Bluetooth® speaker. This extremely portable speaker not only sounds great with its balanced sound, deep bass, and one-touch music control, but it’s also water, dust, and drop proof. With a speaker like this, the party can exist anywhere and it never has to stop.

Nanoleaf Essentials: Smart Bulbs & Lightstrips

Nanoleaf Essentials for in a student room. The perfect back-to-school lights.

This is arguably the easiest and most economical way to go if you are interested in smart lighting…perfect for a student’s budget. Essentials Lightsrips are ideal for lighting up every corner—you’ll notice students who line their ceiling with these but they also work great around desks, bookshelves, and beds. Plus, Essentials smart Bulbs can make any lighting fixture smart which is ideal for setting the perfect mood in bedrooms and study nooks.

Rain Design 10032 mStand: Ergonomic Laptop Stand

back-to-school deals on laptop stands

Alright students, it’s time to learn about long-term pain prevention…trust me, no matter how good you feel right now, those aches are coming! An ergonomic laptop stand is sure to save your posture and your back. The tilt design of the mStand will bring the screen closer and improve airflow around the laptop—gotta protect these expensive gadgets. Its sleek design will also ensure you don’t have a massive eyesore in your otherwise stylish desk setup or dorm room.

Nanoleaf Elements: Wood Look Hexagon Light Panels

Nanoleaf Elements in students bedroom at desk

This is an excellent RGB-free lighting option for those who prefer white light. Elements radiate an inviting ambient light, displaying a wide range of warm to cool whites. The white light is ideal for desk setups and staying productive, while the warm light is perfect for bedrooms and relaxing before bed. Luckily, Elements gives students the best of both worlds.

Germ Guardian AC4825: Air Purifier

Air purifier and Nanoleaf

Imagine this: you’re pulling an all-nighter to finish that assignment you wished you started sooner, the air is stale, you’re struggling to focus, and perhaps the room even smells of less than pleasurable smokey fumes (yes, we’ve been to college). Well then guess what would help? If you guessed the Germ Guardian air purifier you’d be right. This device will kill germs, trap allergens, and reduce odors…seems like this could be pretty useful.

Amazon TV Fire Stick: HD streaming device

Amazon fire stick and Nanoleaf

Last but not least on this back-to-school guide is the Amazon TV Fire Stick. I personally still enjoy cable but it’s mostly a thing of the past. Students these days are all about streaming services but you need to be able to access the platforms to enjoy them. The Amazon Fire Stick is the perfect way to do this. Check out your favorite free (i.e. YouTube) and subscription-based (i.e. Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime) services with this one-stop shop.


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Did you like the smart lights on this list? Explore the Nanoleaf Shop for fun back-to-school deals. Also, find us on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter (@Nanoleaf), or Facebook (@theNanoleaf). Plus, join the Nanoleaf Facebook Community to see some amazing setups.

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