Nanoleaf x Engine DJ Release New Lighting Integration for Live Music Performers

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September 16, 2022 | 2 Min Read | Serena P.

DJs around the world can rejoice, because Nanoleaf has teamed up with Engine DJ and their Engine Lighting software to create the ultimate audio-visual integration. Whether you’re performing on stage, on stream, or on your own at home, this new Nanoleaf x Engine DJ integration lets you sync your Nanoleaf lights with your DJ controller to enhance the impact of any performance. 

Engine DJ Controller with Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagons lights

How it Works

Simply connect your Nanoleaf Shapes or Lines to your Engine DJ controller through an easy pairing process. Then, get instant access to a ton of exciting lighting effects that you can control in real-time while you play.

This new integration goes beyond Nanoleaf’s built-in Rhythm functionality to deliver completely curated visuals that sync up exactly with your music in real-time. 

The Engine Lighting software is built right into Engine DJ’s controllers. It can intelligently analyze the musical qualities of each specific song. It recognizes everything from introductions to builds and beat-drops. Then it converts them into information that lets your Nanoleaf lights synchronize perfectly with your music. It even further breaks down the visualization by genre. This truly makes every song and set a completely unique performance and experience.

Real-Time Lighting Effects

You can further customize detailed aspects of the effects live and right from your controller. Adjust the color of your lights, effect speed, and more. And with creative options like “Strobe” and “Black Out,” the possibilities really are endless.

“We’re excited to be able to offer such a unique experience to the DJs within our community and around the world,” said Gimmy Chu, CEO of Nanoleaf. “Empowering artists to create a unique visual experience that truly captures their musical creations is truly incredible. We hope this new technology will help to inspire them even further.”

How to Set Up:

Before you start, make sure your Nanoleaf lights are set up using the Nanoleaf App and on the same Wi-Fi as your equipment.

To connect to Engine Lighting:

  1. Open Engine Lighting on your board and enable Nanoleaf in the preferences
  2. Pair Nanoleaf lights to Engine Lighting
  3. Test connection by tapping on the image of your Nanoleaf setup
  4. Load a track, play it back, and let the light show begin!
  5. You can adjust settings to your liking in the preferences

To connect to SoundSwitch Desktop:

  1. Enter Edit mode on SoundSwitch and open an auto loop
  2. Connect/pair to Nanoleaf lights in the preferences
  3. Test connection by clicking on the image of the Nanoleaf setup
  4. Enable Output – a blue indicator will show, confirming connection and light control
  5. No need to reload or rescript light shows – you’re good to go! You can further adjust settings in the preferences

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