This is Everything You Need to Know About the NEW Nanoleaf X CORSAIR iCUE Integration

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October 6, 2022 | 3 Min Read | Brandon A.

Do you want to take your RGB setup to the next level? Bathe it in synchronized light from left to right? It is now all possible with the NEW Nanoleaf x CORSAIR iCUE integration!

Nanoleaf x CORSAIR iCUE Integration

What You Need To Know

CORSAIR’s iCUE software allows you to synchronize the RGB lighting across all your CORSAIR devices—provided they’re iCUE compatible. And now, your Nanoleaf Lines, Shapes, and Canvas can match the lighting of your iCUE keyboard, mouse, headphones, and more for an immersive desktop experience.

Choose from a selection of preset lighting scenes to get glowing quickly, or dive in and completely customize colors and effects. You can even assign effects to specific zones!

How to Set Up

  1. Make sure your Nanoleaf lights are setup and connected to the same network as your PC. (Take note of the device name in the mobile or desktop app)
  2. Download the iCUE desktop app
  3. Once installed, open iCUE and click on the Settings wheel
Nanoleaf x CORSAIR iCUE Integration set up directions and instructions how to

  1. Go to the Integrations tab, and enable “Nanoleaf Integration”
  2. Next, run the “Setup Wizard,” and select your Nanoleaf device

Selecting your Nanoleaf Device while setting up the CORSAIR iCUE integration
  1. Finally, hold the Power button on your Nanoleaf lights for 5-7 seconds to enter pairing mode, and then click Pair in iCUE
Pairing your Nanoleaf lights with CORSAIR iCUE integration
  1. You should now see your Nanoleaf lights on the Home page!

Device Compatibility

This integration works with any iCUE compatible CORSAIR products, and Nanoleaf Lines, Shapes, and Canvas. All you need to do is ensure that you have the latest version of iCUE downloaded, so if you already had iCUE installed before, double check which version you have.

What’s possible?

As we said before, there are preset lighting scenes you can select from to sync up your iCUE devices and Nanoleaf lights to. But you can also get way more in-depth and personalized by manually selecting zones and adjusting Lighting Layers with your Nanoleaf lights! 

You can click and drag to select certain areas of your Nanoleaf lights, or control-click individual sections, and apply effects to these zones separately to create a truly unique RGB light show across your Nanoleaf lights and iCUE devices.

And with that, you’re all caught up on the new Nanoleaf x CORSAIR iCUE integration—now get out there and game!

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