Nanoleaf CPO on What Matter Means to the Company and the Smart Home Industry

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November 14, 2022 | 2 Min Read | Nathan Dyck, Nanoleaf CPO

Matter 1.0 is finally here, and it’s more than just a specification. Matter is something that’s going to be supported by all your favorite smart home platforms like Apple Home, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung Smartthings. We’re also incredibly excited to announce our first Matter products with the new Essentials A19, GU10, BR30 Bulbs and Lightstrip. For the last two years, our users have loved using Thread to improve their smart lighting experience. Faster response times, range extension, lower power usage, as well as the amazing features built into our Essentials line like Circadian Lighting and dynamic Color Scenes were just a few of the incredible aspects of this line. Now, our new Matter-certified Essentials line brings the same amazing benefits of Thread to all smart home platforms through the flexibility of Matter.

Nanoleaf's upcoming smart Matter-enabled Essentials line set for release in 2023

Matter as a Foundation

We see Matter as a new foundation for the future of the smart home. It allows us to build to one standard and spend more time focusing on innovative features you haven’t seen before. It provides you with the ultimate choice of any smart home platform. Matter’s Multi Admin features also mean you don’t need to choose just one platform; you can take advantage of different features that were previously only available on one platform or another. Matter is also fundamentally a local technology. This means that things will be faster and more reliable, rather than getting bounced around various cloud servers. It’s also highly secure with end-to-end encryption as a baseline, meaning your smart home remains yours alone.

Nanoleaf as Smart Home Leaders

At Nanoleaf, we love to lead, not follow. We were the first company to bring HomeKit over Thread products with our original Nanoleaf Essentials line. We’re first to bring Matter lighting products to market with our new Matter-compatible Essentials. But we’re incredibly focused on building what hasn’t been done before. Our vision of the smart home of the future needs to be built on a strong foundation, and we see Matter as a vital part of that vision. 

Matter and Nanoleaf as the future of smart home

Technologies like Thread and Matter unlock exciting new possibilities, easy seamless control and more powerful automations. We’re committed to bringing these new possibilities to life. We’ll be on the ground at CES 2023 to share more about the future of the Nanoleaf smart home experience. If you’re planning to be at the show, drop by and say hello.

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