The Perfect Gift: Black Friday Sale for Nanoleaf Smart Lighting

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November 17, 2022 | 4 Min Read | By: Aleksandra N.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner and we know you’re looking for that perfect (discounted) gift to give to your friends and loved ones. We’ve got you covered here at Nanoleaf for Black Friday, so you don’t have to settle for the same old gifts again this year. Whether it’s something special for the RGB lover, decor enthusiast, an avid gamer in your life, or maybe even something to treat yourself with, we have the ideal gift waiting for you! 

P.S. Read until the end to find the best deals…

Deals vary based on region. 

Avid Gamer – Nanoleaf Shapes – Up to 25% Off

Everyone knows that one person who is totally obsessed with gaming and seemingly has everything in their gaming setup. Instead of getting them another mouse or a keyboard, surprise them with Nanoleaf Shapes for the perfect addition to their battlestation. The Shapes RGB smart light panels lineup includes Hexagons, Triangles, and Mini Triangles. The modularity gives you extensive creative freedom to explore different options of designs, styles and shapes. Create a design completely unique to your gaming zone or recreate an existing layout, the possibilities are endless! With over 16 million colors to choose from and features like dynamic lighting Scenes in the Nanoleaf app, it is so easy to create the ideal vibe for your space. In addition, Shapes have a real-time Music Visualizer and a Screen Mirror feature. So, your friend or a loved one can take their gaming experience to the next multi-dimensional level. 

Nanoleaf Black Friday sale with Nanoleaf Shapes bundle on the wall above the desk with a computer

RGB Lover – Nanoleaf Lines – Up to 20% Off

Maybe your loved one prefers an ultramodern, futuristic look in their living space. Or maybe they are a tech fanatic who would probably sell their soul for RGB lights. Either way, Nanoleaf Lines 60 Degrees or the newly released Lines 90 Degrees are the answer to their perfect gift. These ultra-lightweight light lines connect together in 60-degree or 90-degree increments and allow you to assemble intricate geometric designs of your choice. The selection of colors and lighting motions is extensive, so you can truly let your imagination run free and wild. Lines also have the Rhythm Music Visualizer and Screen Mirror features to sync up with your favorite games and movies to transform your space with mesmerizing shows of color and light. With infinite customizations and many design possibilities to explore, you can instantly take your bedroom, living room, desk setup, or even kitchen to the next level. 

Nanoleaf Lines setup is in the living room with a couch, coffee table, and a TV

Decor Enthusiast – Nanoleaf Elements – Up to 20% Off

Nanoleaf Elements are the lights for those who love a classic look in their space. These customizable modular panels with a wood grain aesthetic add an elegant yet warm feel to your home. Connect the panels to create geometric wall art that softly illuminates and fills your space with a dynamic glow. You can choose from 11 curated Scenes like Clouds, Fireflies, and Calming Waterfall, or create your own lighting masterpiece. As a bonus, Elements are stunning on or off due to their delicate wood exterior. With the wood look feel of the panels, they can be luxurious and refined or warm and inviting to compliment your aesthetic. Immerse yourself in nature and embrace your inner designer with Nanoleaf Elements Wood Look Hexagon panels. 

Nanoleaf Black Friday Sale on Nanoleaf Elements. Nanoleaf Elements are on the wall of the bedroom with a bed, nightstand, and chair. The room has large windows and it is winter season outside.

Creative Mind – Nanoleaf Canvas – Up to 25% Off

If you’re wondering what to get your friend who amazes you with their creativity every time you see them, then Nanoleaf Canvas is the ultimate choice. Modular square panels go as far as their imagination with abstract designs, or recognizable shapes, like the retro pixel-art style! Like other Nanoleaf light panels, Canvas can be paired with your home assistant and are sound reactive for an immersive lighting and sound experience. The Canvas can respond dynamically to your touch and you can even play interactive Touch Games like PacMan, Whack a Mole, and Memory. These modular light squares combine ambient lighting and art together for those creative minds who are always looking to explore their imagination further. 

Nanoleaf Black Friday Sale on Nanoleaf Canvas. The smart light panels are on the wall above the desk setup depicting Sponge Bob

Smart Home Enthusiast – Nanoleaf Essentials – Up to 35% Off

Nanoleaf Essentials are a classic gift for people who are just getting into Smart Home products. These include the A19 Light Bulb and LED Lightstrip which would definitely be a right fit for any home. The A19 Light Bulb proudly takes first place in the market with the brightest tunable whites. Similarly, the LED Lightsrip is a flexible high-resolution lightstrip with even illumination. It can be easily set up in different spaces and corners of your home. Whether it’s around the TV, stairs, mirror, or desk – it will fill your room with rich dynamic color. 

Hint: Look out for the Essentials on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for the biggest deals of the year 😉

Nanoleaf Essentials Light Bulbs and Lightstrips in the living room shining neon.

Whoever you’re shopping for, you can always find the right fit for any gift at Nanoleaf. Our smart lights are the best on the market but might sell out fast this Black Friday / Cyber Monday. So…what are you waiting for? Go get yours today!

What is your favorite Nanoleaf product? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so don’t hesitate to share them with us!

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