How To Decorate Your Home This Holiday Season: 5 Easy & Creative Tips

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November 30, 2022 | 3 Min Read | By: Aleksandra N.

The winter holiday season is one of the year’s happiest and most magical times. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other holiday, there are plenty of simple and unique ways to bring some holiday cheer into your home. Here are 5 easy and creative decor tips from Nanoleaf! Hopefully, these will help you get inspired and transform your living space into a festive winter wonderland!

1. Bring the Beauty of Nature Inside!

Winter is full of white, blue, and earthy tones that you can easily bring into your home. You can get artificial pine cones, branches, berries, and even moss for decoration purposes. Simply scatter those on the tables, fireplace, windowsills, and other places to create that winter look inside your living space. Additionally, you can use strings, ribbons, and fabric scraps to attach the pinecones, pine tree branches, and berries together and make a garland. It’s extremely easy to do and won’t take much time to make it come to life. Click here to get more inspiration and learn different garland DIYs.

Decorate Your Home This Holiday Season with Nanoleaf. This is an image of a living room full of winter decor that's in white and blue colors. There is a Christmas tree on the left, a couch on the right, and the fireplace with a rug in the center. Nanoleaf Shapes layout is above the fireplace.

2. Create Your Own Design With Nanoleaf’s Smart Light Panels

Nanoleaf has a range of light panels that are fully customizable. You can easily create a festive design and set the desired mood for any occasion, whether it’s a holiday party, movie night with hot chocolate, or a family gathering. Here are some examples to get you inspired to start creating!

A 3D Christmas tree made with Nanoleaf Lines Hexagons

Nanoleaf Lines Hexagons in a shape of a Christmas tree that is wrapped around a corner of a wall. The wall is dark green and has a wreath on it

Or another variation of a Christmas tree made with Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles

A green room with Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles in a shape of a Christmas tree

A candy cane made with Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagons accompanied by stars made with Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagons and Nanoleaf Shapes Mini Triangles

A living room with Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagons and Mini Triangles in the shape of two stars in front, and at the back we see Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagons in a shape of a candy cane

Lastly, a heart made with Nanoleaf Elements Wood Look Hexagons

A cozy living room with a Christmas tree and Nanoleaf Elements Wood Look Hexagon Panels in a shape of a heart on the wall. Decorate Your Home This Holiday Season.

Anything is possible with Nanoleaf; all that’s required from you is a little imagination! The panels are completely modular and easy to assemble. You just think about what shape you want to create, then mount them up on the wall using double-sided tape, and connect them together with linkers provided in the packaging. Voila! Now you can create the desired mood and brighten up any day this cold winter. If you want to get more inspired to create your unique Nanoleaf design, check out our Pinterest and Instagram accounts!

3. Let it Glow with Garlands & Lightstrips 

There are many different types of garlands available that all give different vibes. They do not necessarily need to be on a tree or around your fireplace; you can put garlands anywhere in your home! Try hanging them on the door, anywhere on the walls, on tables, chairs, under the kitchen counters — basically anywhere! It could be a bead garland, a pine tree one, or even one made out of ornaments. Anything can be made into a garland if you think about it! To make your garland even more festive, you can complement it with a Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrip for a brighter holiday season. The Lightstrip is controlled with the Nanoleaf app, and you can choose any color from over 16 million colors available. You can pick from one of the curated Color Scenes or create one of your own! Your Lightstrip will accompany your garland like no other and invite holiday cheer into your home.

Two images: on the right there is a wreath with golden ornaments and on the left it's an image of Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrip

4. Embrace Your Inner Decorator

Store-bought decorations are great, but you can also try your hand at making your own at home! DIYs can be as simple as cutting out paper snowflakes or as complex as building your own tree house. As mentioned before, you can easily make a garland yourself for starters. One of the fastest and easiest DIYs could also be centrepieces. These could be made with mason jars, candles, dishware, flowers, feathers, and more. The possibilities are endless! Check out this Pinterest post about a simple Holiday cranberry jar DIY project. Also, click here for more DIY Holiday centrepieces ideas.

A dining table decorated with a pine tree branch that has wine glasses and plates. On the wall behind it, there is Nanoleaf Elements Wood Look Hexagons panels

5. Have Fun!

The most important thing to remember is that you don’t need to follow a rigid set of rules when it comes to transforming your home. Instead, use this time as an opportunity to express yourself in the way that feels right for you. Ultimately, the best part about decorating a space for holidays is getting creative and spending time with family or friends while enjoying each other’s company.

We know it can be a struggle to find the perfect holiday decorations but we hope these ideas have inspired you and given you at least an idea of what you want your home to look like. This season is one of the best times to get creative with your living space and make it feel however you want it to feel. Remember that each year is different and there is no right or wrong way to decorate for holidays.

Do you have more Holiday decor tips? Share them with us! Also, say hi on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!

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