Nanoleaf Launches Lines LED Light Bars, The First Ever Modular Lighting Beam with Backlit Illumination

Toronto, ON – Nanoleaf, the global industry leader of smart lighting innovation, announces today Nanoleaf Lines, their newest generation of modular color changing lighting products for your home, office and entertainment areas. Nanoleaf Lines are smart backlit LED light bars featuring a never-before-seen modular form factor, offering ultramodern design paired with forward-thinking technology to bring you the next generation of color changing smart lighting.

Next Generation Modular Smart Lighting

Following their globally successful series of Shapes and Canvas light panels, Nanoleaf has established themselves as the original creators of the modular color changing light. Nanoleaf Lines now reinvents the idea of modular design, offering ultra lightweight light lines that connect at 60 degree angle increments to create sleek linear layouts, grand geometric shapes, and even ceiling designs with the intuitive mounting plates integrated with every Lines Mounting Connector. 

Each light line features dual color zones so you can paint with two colors at once. The diffused lighting technology blends different hues together for seamless color mixing, while the backlit glow casts an immersive RGBW design on your walls. 

Mesmerizing Lighting Scenes

Paint your space with Lines’ dynamic lighting Scenes like vibrant ‘Neon Dreams’ and hypnotic ‘Kaleidoscope,’ whether you’re watching a movie, gaming or listening to your favorite playlist. Lines come with 19 preset Scenes, including 7 Rhythm Scenes with intuitive music visualization technology. You can also explore thousands of new Scenes in the Nanoleaf App or create and upload your own using the intuitive Scene Creator which includes 16M+ color options, a color wheel, hex code inputs and motion selector. 

Rhythm Music Visualizer Technology

With Nanoleaf Lines, users can experience Nanoleaf’s signature features in an entirely new way. The Rhythm feature syncs up with your favorite songs in real-time to create dynamic color visualizations as the dual zones on each bar dance along to beats and melodies. Each Rhythm Motion (with 22 to choose from) is uniquely engineered for a different genre of music, complementing everything from bass heavy beats to soft melodic instrumentals.

Immersive Screen Mirror 

Completing your entertainment space, Lines also transforms movie and gaming nights with Nanoleaf’s Screen Mirror feature which syncs up on-screen colors and animations with your lighting setup. Users can customize their experience with four different modes, whether it’s Match mode’s ultra-immersion to feel like they’ve stepped right into the action or Palette mode for a more subtle transition of colors. 

Thread and Matter

Nanoleaf Lines continues to broaden the Thread ecosystem and will act as a Thread Border Router for the Nanoleaf Essentials line of Bulbs & Lightstrips to provide a faster and more reliable connection for both iOS and Android users. Eliminating the need for third party devices, your Essentials devices will automatically connect to a Thread network as soon as Lines is paired with the Nanoleaf App. All Thread enabled devices, regardless of their manufacturer, will soon be able to connect to a Thread network using Nanoleaf’s Thread Border Routers in a future update. Lines has also been designed with Matter in mind and will seamlessly work with the new standard via a software update next year.

Flexible Controls & Accessories

Lines are WiFi controlled with the Nanoleaf App, voice commands or manually with the physical Controller. They are also compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings and IFTTT integrations. 

For further design customizations, Lines Skins will allow you to instantly change the style of your layout with ultra lightweight snap-on face plates; no tape or further installation required. Skins will come in Black and Pink and will be coming soon.

Retail Availability

Nanoleaf Lines is available at Smarter Kits (9 Lines) retail for $199.99 USD and Expansion Packs (3 Lines) $79.99 USD.

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