Nanoleaf Reveals Tech’s Biggest Secret. Meet Thread & Learn How It’s Going to Completely Change the Concept of Smart Homes

TORONTO – January 11, 2021 – Smart lighting pioneer Nanoleaf announces today their plans to integrate Thread into all upcoming products, leading the way for this emerging technology within the smart home industry. 

True to their mission to innovate and create the most forward-thinking products, Nanoleaf launched one of the very first Thread-enabled consumer smart lights earlier this year – the Essentials bulb and lightstrip – and plans to develop all future products with the new Thread protocol at the forefront of its technology.

Smart home today is messy and complicated

Today’s smart home promises to simplify our lives, but so far none have lived up to this standard. Instead, smart products have introduced new frustrations: a “plug and play” pairing process that turns into hours on the phone with tech support, dropped connections and an overwhelming mish mash of hubs, devices and cables. If a smart home is meant to make our lives easier, why does it only add more stress? Thread is the answer to a seamless smart home experience, but no one seems to know about it… yet.

Hidden beneath the jargon is a cutting edge smart home solution

Thread has mostly been described as a “low latency mesh network,” but what does this mean in layman’s terms? With Thread, your smart home will have no more delays, no dropped connections and your devices will finally speak the same language, which means all of your devices can now talk to each other in real time instead of relying on a central location like WiFi or Bluetooth. Thread creates a self-reinforcing mesh network, so if your kitchen light loses its connection, all of your Thread-enabled devices will automatically find a different path to turn on and magically self-heal the entire network without any disruptions. This all happens in the background in real-time, so for the user, it simply just works. 

Lightning fast speeds and unrivaled reliability with the Thread smart home experience is available right now using Nanoleaf Essentials and HomePod mini. The HomePod mini is the first of many upcoming border routers which is a bit like a hub, but with one key difference: it speaks the universal language of ALL Thread-enabled products. With one compatible border router for all your Thread-enabled products, you’ll no longer be burdened with multiple hubs. 

The adoption of the smart home has been slow, with a lot of frustration and questions clouding the market. With Thread, we’re now finally seeing a reason to believe in the smart home. Yet, it’s still veiled in mystery and complications; its story has only been told in the most technical terms which have failed to truly educate its potential to consumers. Much like the beginning of the world wide web, when broadband emerged to save us from the dark days of dial-up – we’re now entering the golden age of smart home with Thread here to save the day. 

“At Nanoleaf, we’re committed to creating unparalleled experiences for the smart home by only making products that deliver the best performance. Unfortunately, existing smart technologies failed to meet our needs in achieving that goal,” says Gimmy Chu, CEO & Co-Founder of Nanoleaf. “As soon as Thread was introduced to the market, we knew this was our answer to creating a better smart home. There are inherent drawbacks to Wifi, Bluetooth and Zigbee – however, Thread brings together the best of the three worlds.” 

“We would not have launched the Essentials if it was just going to be another Bluetooth or WiFi product,” said Chu. “We truly believe that Thread is the future. With more than 100 companies behind Thread, including Apple and Google, it’s only a matter of time before all other smart home product makers follow suit.”

A Thread-enabled future

The Essentials are just the beginning. All of Nanoleaf’s upcoming products, including the Essential’s BR30 bulb coming out later this year, will have Thread technology to provide the most reliable smart home experience. There are a number of Thread-enabled products planned for release in 2021 which will continue to strengthen the Thread ecosystem to create a unified smart home. Nanoleaf will be at the forefront, developing even more ways for Thread to make the smart home as intelligent as it can be in the years to come.

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